The rape victim

The highlights of the paper read : “Ahmedabad not safe for women!”

“Men, grow up!”

“Rape victim, undergoes abortion, along with her dignity!”

“Rapist to be sentenced to life imprisonment!”

That night changed her. Not only her, but her status as well. She was a virgin. But, a day prior. A few seconds defined her. Questions arose on her character. Slut? Maybe, maybe not. No one knew the inner truth. Maybe it was planned. Maybe it was meant to be that way. 

After the party, the mood was light on her head. She went to one of her friend’s place for a stayover. Her breakup had devasted her emotions. And he, he promised to consell her. 

An hour later, she started stripping. His shirt hung loose over his shoulder, torn.

She ripped of his jeans, and took him in his mouth. He rebelled. She tied his hand to the head of the bed. His alcholic brain, aided her. He had no control.

 She sat on his lap and grabbed his crotch and unzipped his pants. She took out his penis in her hand and was stroking it hard. She rode him, like a horse. Sat on him, stripped made him hard, and stroke him for decades. After a while, she bend down and took it into her mouth. She licked his cock all over and made it wet.

She kissed him and rubbed it all over her lips and tongue. She took off her bra and panties along with his clothes. 

She mastrubated, on top of him. Dug herself in his mouth, and made him eat her out, until she came out twice. 

She guided him into her. In no time, she started to ride him. He came soon that time in her.

After two days, she felt weak. Really weak. She had been vommitting since the past two days. Maybe her first sex, did not suit her, she thought.

She missed her periods the next week. The two pink lines comfirmed her deliquency. She was preganant. But, what next? There are answers she needed to give. And, we all knew her absurd answers. The public knew the said words.

-Kashish Chadha




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