Smoking a necessity or a want???

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Sameer Malkani

What comes to one’s mind when they think of smoking? Cigarette, hookahs and what not?
But is it really a necessity or is it just another craving of the human body? That might as well be the reason people say it’s so very difficult for them quit any such addiction.
But still one can’t decide whether it is a need or a want for the body but as per our teaching we might just consider it a want? And yes, obviously it’s a want. I do agree with you but it becomes a need once it turns into an addiction.
But it isn’t their fault if they think that it’s a need because it’s a part of the human upbringing. Especially in India. What we are taught by our parents is always preparing for short term and short term success only. So by the time the child reaches a certain…

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