That night, Anmol was missing Kashish. He was really missing her. He knew what to do. He went to his closet. Drinks?? No. That’s what stupid people do. He opened his cupboard chest, fetched his keys and took out all the books from there. Her diaries.


27th April, 2002

Ting dong…… Ting dong…… The doorbell of our house rang. “Mom! Please tell your servants to come a little late. This is their everyday story,” I shouted from my bed and covered my head with the pillow. 

A few minutes later, mom came in and said, “There is a box of sweets on the table. You can have it after your bath.”

SWEETS!!!! Exclaimed my mind. I just jumped off my bed, and went straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I went running outside to the dining area. You know, how I love sweets. “Mom, who brought these?” I asked with my mouh full of a laddoo. “The new neighbour.” 

“Oh! When did they come? Do they have a daughter in their house with whom I can play?” I asked as I was running towards the kitchen. I was too desparate to have a friend. “No,” she replied, “They only have a son. He is in 6th, one yead elded to you. But, you can still play with him.”

 I was upset. I wanted my girlfriend, whom I could call my best friend. Saddened, I returned to my room. I took a shower and went to school. When I came back home in the evening everything was plain, as usual. I hate my boring life. You are the only one in have in my life.

I love you, Achu.

Good night. Sweet dreams. Miss me.

With lots of love,

Only yours,


-Kashish Chadha


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