Hey friends….. I have started to write a short novel. Its a romantic and suspense type. Its my first attempt to write one. So please share your suggestions with me.


Chapter 1

“Hey Anmol! Come and have coffee with us,” Kritika said. “No Kritika, I must go. Its already late. Its 9’o clock. She might be reaching home. I shall go home and check with dinner. She might be tired after her night duties, ” saying this, Anmol left his office.

He had been saying this quite often. Lame excuses or generous reasons. No one knew.

Anmol reached home fifteen minutes later. He changed his clothes and prepared tomato soup. He decided to order Dominos that night. She might love it.

“Ring ring, ring ring…. Hello Dominos!”

“Hello this is Anmol here. My cell no. is 8140335000.”

“Yes, sir. Your address is registered with us. May I have your order please”

“Yes. One cheese burst large Margarita, please. Get it delivered at my residential address, by 11.”

“Sure! Thank you for placing the order at Dominos. Have a good day sir.” He hung up the phone.

It was 10 o’clock already. Either she was late again or had another night duty. Anmol was eagerly looking at the wall clock, counting seconds. He decides to switch on the television and wait for some more time.

He turned on the screen and changed channel by channel. Only South Indian movies were displayed. Freaking boring it was.He felt like cursing the television operators.

He was switching through the channels, Set Max, Comedy Central, ABC news, Discovery, MTV,….

Suddenly, something caught his eyes. He moved back to Discovery channel.

It was telecasting the making of the planes by the company ‘The First flight’.

Its first plane had took off on 27th March, 2015, exactly 2 years ago. The flight’s head air hostess was Kashish, his girlfriend….

To be continued…

-Kashish Chadha



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