He was too annoyed with his boring fucked up life. Moreover, his dad had asked him to go for a walk to the riverside, the next morning. His demand of his dad required him to get up about 4 hours early at 7. In case, he doesn’t? No money for him that month. The deal was simple and straight. He got up that day and went to the riverside. From that day, he lost his sleep. Sleepless nights and dreaming days took over his boredom from life. He fell in love with a girl. A sweet and simple girl nearly in mid twenties. He stared at her wide eyed.  Her jet black hair naughtily hung over her shoulders. She had dimples over her chubby cheeks while her rosy lips took a perfect curve. He fell in love in less than a minute. Just the next second a red Audi pulled by the footpath. She waved her driver to wait  for a minute. He knew this was his last chance. Its either today or never. But, he was familiar with the nuances of the local dialect called love. His love would have to face a lot of hindrances to become his beloved. He never wanted to see her in sorrow. With a desolated smile, he left, without turning back, with her thoughts printed in his lifeline.

-Kashish Chadha


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