RELATIONSHIP GOALS (after breakups!!)

People walk on the way to reach a goal….. I just walk out of my lane, take a right, reach the crossroad wait to see someone’s face always adored by me. That first window on the first floor of the white multistory building has become my ideal place of worship where I visit daily to glance at thee, the ruler of my heart. I have never been able to see him. But yes, I visualise him everywhere. I see him lean over his window. This time he doesn’t peep through the curtains like the last time. But he readily waves me kisses. In the night when I take a stroll on the footpath, I look at him on his Activa with stereo headphones. He stops to see me with his full heart and engulf me scent in his eyes. When I go out on foot to buy stuff I hear him shout my name over the traffic. This time, he isn’t here because I m angry, but because he loves me. Even my rubber bands make me relive him. He doesn’t even let me drink water without his memories. My laughter starts with his delusive smiles and soon my smiling lips are wet with my tears. I visualise him everywhere. Every night I sleep with just one hope, may I get up tomorrow morning with him beside me assuring me it was just a nightmare. I don’t know what went wrong on the way I walked. But I m persistent on my tries. I m sure that I will reach my goal some day sooner…….

-Kashish Chadha


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