The ocean’s blue
Hints me a clue
Somewhere near
Is my dear
Oh! I can’t search him
I can’t look for him
Here is he
Just in me
The silty sand
Reminds me of your hand
Your hold goes on with me
For miles n miles
The stars twinkle
Just like your lips wrinkle
The sun shines
To tell me you are mine
My heart pounders
To search my wonders
My journey ended in hue
Smiling, stood there you
Over the sunset
You may forget me
But I see your glance
I every shadow that past
Wisdom says life goes on
It stops for none
But mine did
Right at your first touch
Hearts die and reborn again
But souls just take shape
Mine has been bound with you
Which now can’t be changed
My breadth beholds your sight
Deep in it, I forget all my plight
It takes me to a world
Where I say Adam
And you say Eve…..

~Kashish Chadha


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